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Aside from the beautiful surroundings, increible community of Costaricans and foreign residents, the majority of the valleys population are interested in a more sustainable kind of living.  The Diamante Valley community operates with a very forward thinking and eco-oriented lifestyle.  Many of the farms in the area produce local fruits, vegetables and proteins.  Some of these products are traded locally, sold at local markets and restaurants as well as exported abroad. 

For more information about these local micro businesses and other sustainable endevours please contact us with any questions and inquiries.



Because there are so many incredible sites to explore in the area, we are happy to help you find local short and long term lodging in the area.  Whether you are here on a short trip or hoping to spend time in the valley long term, we can help you find a nice and comfortable home or cabin in your price range.

Several eco-lodges and homes are available for rent throughout the valley so allow us to help you find your home away from home.  Just send your inquiry and we will gladly offer you the available locations and prices.


Diamante, Baru and San Luis falls are only a few of the mind blowing waterfalls and sites that will show you how truly special this valley is.  We offer a variety of tours including horseback riding, 4wheeling, hiking, birdwatching and much more.  Real estate tours are also a great way to see the local and surrounding sites.  Any custom and/or group tours, including food and lodging, can also be arranged with reasonable notice.

Please contact us for any additional information regarding prices and availability.

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